Sunday, January 11, 2009

Easy Way to dry Nails

I always used to get my nails smudged from the nail varnish, now I help it dry quick by using a blow dryer - I use one blast of hot air and then I go on to cold for a few minutes until nails are dry to the touch. No more smudges!!!

Nail polish tips

*Never leave nail polish in the sun can cause bubbling.

*Never shake the bottle. Take the nail polish bottle and rub it back and forth between your hand, this won't cause bubbling.

*Always wash your hands first with soap then after when your hand dries, clean your nails with nail polish remover ( even if you nails don't have nail polish so what, it gives your nails a more cleaning action.)

*If you put on a second coat, wait until your nail dries before you put on a second coat.

*If you want your nails to dry faster, just make sure your nails are almost dry, put your hands in a bowl of cold water and keep your hand in there for at least 2 minutes so it will be completely dry.

Split Hairs

1 banana
1 tbsp amla oil
1 tabsp almond oil
1 tbspn lemon juice
2 tbsp yoghurt

Mix well.Apply this batter in hair roots and split ends for an hour.
Use light shampoo(baby shampoo) to wash it.

Sugar Face Scrub


1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil


Mix ingredients together until completely blended. Apply to face and lightly scrub for about 5 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Clears pores of dirt and oil. Should be applied in the morning.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to Clean Soft Leather Furniture

  • Wipe a bar of regular facial soap on a clean wet rag until its soapy.
  • Then wipe furniture down.
  • You might have to keep resoaping the furniture.
  • Keep cleaning until its clean, give it a final rinse off with another clean wet rag, wipe the suds off.

How to Clean Artificial Flowers

Put a cup of salt into a paper bag, add the flowers then shake them around for a few seconds.

Remove flowers from the bag, shake off salt.

Air Freshener

1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 cups water


Put ingredients in a spray bottle, shake well.
Spray around the home.
Freshens the air, eliminates odors and acts as an antibacterial.